How to Handle a Parenting Evaluation

How to Handle a Parenting Evaluation

Appointing and Retaining the evaluator
Evaluators are usually appointed by the court at an initial hearing. Once contacted, most evaluators will send a questionnaire, request a a fee deposit, and require a contract. PROMPTLY RESPOND. The evaluator may negatively view an inability to handle these simple tasks. Work with your attorney, complete the forms, and pay the deposit. Your attorney will probably want to send the documents filed in the case, and may also want to send a letter letting the evaluator know your position. DO NOT act without coordinating with your attorney.
Keep it Simple
When completing the forms, avoid angry or accusatory answers-just state the facts. Keep your answers short. You should make each of your major points only once and reserve the minor points and the long explanations until later.

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How to handle a parenting evaluation

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