Wechsler Becker attorneys are highly respected and authoritative professionals in the legal community. We are steadfast advisors, unflinching advocates, and formidable opponents.

Matters arising in family law and divorce are complex and emotional, and every client case is distinct.

Whether applying alternative dispute resolution approaches in family law (collaboration, negotiation, arbitration, and mediation), or taking a case to court through litigation, our aim is to expertly and intelligently guide clients toward equitable resolutions in a compassionate manner, yet remain highly strategic, practical, efficient, and effective. Wechsler Becker’s seasoned attorneys offer a breadth of informed experience and proficiency in every avenue of family law. Michael Louden, Amir John Showrai, and Alan Funk provide neutral services as mediators and arbitrators in family law cases. Alternative dispute resolution allows the parties to resolve their cases out of court, faster and at lower cost.  We currently handle most ADR through Zoom.  Mediation is often required prior to trial.  Arbitration is available either by agreement, or pursuant to a court order.


A developmentally appropriate parenting plan for children requires careful deliberation of the needs of the children, as well as consideration of the parents' past and present parenting abilities, independent of gender stereotypes.

It is essential to respect the roles both fathers and mothers play within the family unit, and to achieve resolutions that are driven by the best interest of the child. Most Washington family courts respect progressive, appropriate child-centered solutions, and Wechsler Becker attorneys will work toward equitable parenting solutions based on individual parent–child characteristics, realities, and capacities.

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Property Division

Dividing assets and liabilities can present difficult issues in divorce, and each case is unique. Wechsler Becker attorneys are experienced in cases with complex property divisions, which can include high-net worth estates and mixed separate and community property assets, business interests, retirement accounts, and stock options and grants, and other complex investment instruments.

Of utmost importance to achieving fair division of property is a proper valuation of assets. Situational considerations add further complexity: length of marriage, current income and income potential of both spouses, financial needs, prenuptial agreements, existence of non-marital resources such as trusts, and more. Where possible, a property settlement and fair agreement outside of court may be reached, however, we are always prepared to protect our client’s best interests with intensive assessment, rigorous asset valuation, and strategic litigation.

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Child Support

Basic child support is set pursuant to a guideline adopted by Washington's legislature, yet there are variables to consider in each case.

The incomes of both parties is considered, and the residential schedule for the children may also impact payment. Skilled legal counsel is required in the calculation of income when a party is a business owner, a party is unemployed, under employed or has complex tax circumstances. The court has the ability to deviate upwards or downwards based on a multitude of factors outlined in the law. A persuasive, informed attorney knows how to accurately establish net income and leverage the factors a court will consider for deviation. When appropriate, Wechsler Becker attorneys can strategically negotiate issues beyond basic support.

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Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, known as alimony in other states, is not just awarded based upon need and ability to pay. The total amount of property to be divided, health of the parties, ages, work history, length of the marriage and the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage all play a factor.

Temporary maintenance may be awarded while a dissolution is pending. Diligent forensic accounting may be necessary to determine the true financial picture. In standard divorce cases or those of high net worth, it is essential to have solid investigative talent and assiduous legal representation on your side.

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Complex Issues

Family law often brings about more complex disputes.

Complex property issues involve multiple, interrelated, or unusual business interests; contested real estate ownership; mixed or commingled separate community assets and liabilities; family gifts or inheritances; trusts, stock options and securities; intellectual property; retirement accounts; or international property.

Complex parenting issues include disputes involving more than one state; domestic violence, mental health, drug or alcohol issues; or neglect and abuse. Complex issues such as these all require experienced and knowledgeable counsel.

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Founded in 1988, Wechsler Becker and its attorneys have addressed virtually every aspect of the family law landscape, and stand ready to guide clients through even the most complex and challenging matters.

We invite you to review the capacities and expertise of Wechsler Becker’s attorneys, and to contact the firm to discuss your particular situation and requirements.

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